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Everybody’s traffic is different and our offers work differently for different lists. With that being said, many of you have cashed a fat commission check with our top offers - Arctic Blast (pain relief ointment), Cardio Clear 7 (Heart health supplement), MetaLean Complete (weight loss powder mix), Ovuna (menopause weight loss supplement), Viva Slim (weight loss drop).

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That’s not all, keep yourself updated in REAL TIME (well almost, every 5 minutes) with our LIVE leaderboard and experience the action. You’ll no longer have to wait for an email update every 12-24 hours just to know where you stand and you get to plan out your mailings for the win.

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All swipes have been tested by our internal team to ensure that you get the absolute best swipes for this contest. In addition we have a dedicated in-house team running split-test optimization for our offers. These are our secret sauce for offer longevity. All our offers have beaten the odds, fatigue and we still manage to get it converting well for you.

More details are coming when we get closer to the contest date, do pay special attention to any emails that start with [TG Contest]... for more information.

See you in our The Amazing Summer Sales Contest!

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