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Private Invitation to Truegenics

 Fat Crusher Trio Sales Contest

You love them and here they are! Our weightloss offers are taking the spotlight this time on our October Fat Crusher Trio Sales Contest.

Now you don't have to worry about choosing the best to mail for, ALL 3 of them - Ultra Omega Burn, Panalean, and Bioleptin, are right at your fingertips.

It's gonna be no holds barred as they have been optimized and battle-tested to ensure peak performance. This means that you can look forward to incredible commissions as you mail hard and climb our live leaderboard.


We'd like to share with you 4 compelling reasons why you'll want to join in the Fat Crusher Trio sales contest.

Reason 1- Over $37,000 Worth of Prizes Up For Grabs!

Choose between an awesome physical prize or cold hard cash in these top 10 places. (Not to forget we'll also have surprise mini-contests laid out throughout the period, so ANYONE can win a prize. Keep your eyes on your emails!)


Reason 2- A Sales Contest Like No Other

It's gonna be a clash of the juggernaut weightloss offers as Ultra Omega Burn, Bioleptin, and Panalean are thrown into the boiling cauldron. We all know that these offers convert like crazy, so we're giving away huge prizes to top off all the fat and juicy (pun intended) commission checks you'll be getting. PLUS, there will be a LIVE leaderboard that updates every 5 mins and which means you'll see the action happen in (almost) real time. Crush your opponents and make a statement!

Reason 3- Time Tested Conversion Rates

Our Optimization Team work tirelessly to ensure that conversion rates are always at their peak even for offers that debuted 3 years ago. The team continues to split test and we’re glad to say that our top offers are always converting at 2-4%. What does this mean to you? Super commissions when you promote for any of the 3 weightloss offers!

Reason 4- A Long, 60 Day Cookie, And We Always Pay On Time

When you promote for our offers, your affiliate ID cookie will stay in the user’s system for 2 whole months, and when we retarget or send an autoresponder out to the prospect, it will be captured into our system and you will EARN COMMISSIONS when he/she makes a purchase of any of our offers.

Plus, our finance department is dedicated to ensuring that you get paid always and on time, so you never have to worry about such! You just have to press send!

We will be providing EVERYTHING for you including a complete contest schedule and email swipe files.

Just press send on your email list and we’ll make sure big fat commission cheques come your way. =)