Mark Your Calendars For…

The Battle Royale II
Sales Contest

Private Invitation to Truegenics

 Battle Royale II Sales Contest

It’s a yearly affair you don’t want to miss. It’s gonna be HUGE and there are absolutely no limits.

The contending Offers for this year are Ultra Omega Burn, Arctic Blast, Bioleptin and...a secret mystery offer that will be revealed in due time..

All offers have been optimized to death and then we optimized them some more and that's not all! We came armed with brand new AND tested swipes. That’s right, we came prepared with our weapons sharpened for the impending battle.

Look forward to making killer commissions for the Battle Royale II Sales Contest!


What’s in it for you? Here’s 4 reasons why you should absolutely mail your hardest for this contest. If you’re a first timer, do pay close attention or you’ll miss out on one of the biggest, if not the biggest sales contest of the year!

Reason 1 - $40,000 Worth of Cash and Prizes Up for Grabs! πŸ€‘

Win awesome prizes or cold hard cash if you qualify for our coveted Top 10 placings and don’t forget, there are also surprise mini-contests laid out throughout the contest period, and ANYONE can win win win!

That’s not all! For this year, we’re even including a Lucky Draw Cash Prize. Keep your eyes peeled for my email announcements if you don’t want to miss out on that.


Reason 2 - Top Converting Offers Only πŸ™Œ

Here at Truegenics, we understand that all traffic is not the same and the same can be said for all offers. These are not 4 random offers tossed into the mix, these are the offers that have historically been our top converters for the longest time and many have cashed a fat commission check from either of the listed offers.

That’s not all, you get to see your placings updated in REAL TIME (well almost, it's every 5 minutes) with our LIVE leaderboard and experience the action with a front row seat. No longer do you have to wait for an email update every 12-24 hours just to know where you stand and you get to plan out your mailings in advance for the win.

Reason 3 - Tested Swipes and Hardcore Optimization πŸ”₯

We’ve got the best copywriters hired 2 months before the contest, swipes tested by our internal team to ensure that you get the absolute best swipes for this contest. 

That’s not all, you’ve probably heard about our fabled Optimization Team. They are basically our secret sauce for offer longevity. It might surprise you to know that even offers like Ultra Omega Burn has been around for 3 years, undergone several changes and I am definitely proud to say that we’re still a top contending offer. 

That being said, you can expect the same for our other offers when it comes to optimization.

Reason 4 - We pay on time, every time πŸ’²πŸ•’

It’s simple, we strive to pay on time, every time. You’ll never have to worry about having a late payment and we pay out weekly on a net 14 basis.

More details are coming when we get closer to the contest date, do pay special attention to any emails that start with [Contest]... for more information.

I'll see you real soon on the flipside. πŸ™‚

Lead Affiliate Manager
Truegenics Pte Ltd