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Subject: Special “Oil” DROPS 1-2lbs of FAT a day

Subject: Special “Oil” MELTS fat without diets

Dear {!firstname_fix},

This has been all over the news and doctors are raving

about it being the next big breakthrough for weight loss.

[This special “Oil” burns up to 2lbs daily!]

Harvard University is in process of patenting it.

To Your Good Health,
Your Name


Subject: Starve fat out of your fat cells…

Subject: Stubborn Fat: You’re not crazy…

Subject: Harvard is drooling over this fat-burner...

Dear {!firstname_fix},

There's a nutrient – [a miracle nutrient] -- that FORCES any
fat cell, to release fat.

And it also FORCES muscles to use that fat for fat-burning fuel.

Researchers at Harvard were even able to WATCH fat come out
of fat cells when they tested it in a petri dish.

Yet, it is completely NATURAL, NON-TOXIC has NO SIDE EFFECTS.

In fact, it helps REDUCE insulin resistance (and prevents diabetes)…

  • Reduce arterial plaque…
  • Improve digestion…
  • Reduce wrinkles and acne…
  • Improve eye health…
  • Lower bad cholesterol...

Now get this…

It is has only been recently discovered. But only a few have
been able to manufacture it at a cost you can afford.

Harvard is even trying to get a patent on it.

That's how powerful it is.

Now my friend, Dere… found an ingenious way to get this
nutrient to you.

And and the way he does it makes it easy and effortless.

But as you now know, he can't claim it cures diseases.

What you CAN do is, learn how it works, where to find it,
and hear people's miraculous stories from using it.

[Check it out here…]

If you have any interest in reducing stubborn fat that
doesn’t respond to anything...

...and want to prevent them from coming back... MUST hear the whole story.

It can save your life.

[Check it out…]

Yours Truly
Your Name

P.S. -- Be sure to share this with others. It is important.
And I don't know how long Derek will be able to keep it up.


Subject: Losing weight is NOT just about calories

Subject: Stubborn Fat: You’re not crazy…

Subject: Amanda Did Everything Right and Stopped Losing Weight, Until…

Subject: Your Body Isn’t Losing Fat Because of ONE Nutrient

Dear {!firstname_fix},

Take care of your calories and the weight will take care of itself"

That’s what Amanda thought when she started her weight loss journey.

Having nights that she awoke gasping for air due to her weight
problems, she knew she had to do something — fast.

So she did.

She downloaded some low-calorie diets from the net…

Worked for hours in the gym regularly…

She even tracked every calorie coming in and out of her body.

Her first two weeks went great and she shed about 4 lbs.

But after 7 weeks of grinding and toughing it out…

She hit a plateau.

Sure, she wasn’t gaining any pounds, but she was not losing any either.

What gives?

Well, if you’ve been reading my emails these past few days, you’d
know that ‘calories’ isn’t the real reason why people can’t lose weight…

It’s actually because of [this one missing nutrient.]

And not having it inside your body causes a chemical malfunction
that prevents you from losing any more fat than you need to.

It’s how our bodies are wired.

The only difference is…

You don’t have to download any shady diets or work out for hours at
the gym to have the life-changing weight loss experience Amanda had.

[Just click here and enjoy the fat-melting effects of this forbidden
while you still can…

To A Healthier You,


Subject: Keep your weight OFF no matter what

Subject: Diets Are Making You Fat

Subject:Drain Your Body of Excess Fat Effortlessly with This Nutrient

Subject: Subject: Effortless Weight Loss is Here

Dear {!firstname_fix},

Did you receive yesterday’s email where we talked about
this forbidden nutrient that if present inside your body…

Can finally restore fat cell communication and literally
drain your body of excess fat?

===>> [You can see it here.]

I’m asking because we got a lot of folks replying saying that
it’s our food choices and lifestyle that’s making us fat.

Now while it may play a factor…

Then how do you explain people with thyroid problems unable
to [keep their weight off no matter what] or how much they
control their calories?

Should we just all label them as lazy?

This new research shows dieting actually causes your body
NOT to release fat and end up aggravating the problem.

I suggest you [give this a watch] because this is changing
everything people knew about weight loss — including what
really causes it and how to treat it.

So if you or someone you love is experiencing the frustration
and hopelessness of getting back into shape…

[This presentation] is a must watch.

To A Healthier You,


Subject: Burning fat without diet and exercise?

Subject: Are Healthy foods making you fat?

Subject: Is your diet actually making you fat?

Subject: Harvard reveals no diet, no exercise fat loss breakthrough


If you want to lose weight, burn fat and keep it off then
your only options are exercise and dieting right?

But what if some of those “healthy” foods were actually
making you fat? And what if too much exercise was causing
inflammation, keeping you heavier than you are?

All your weight loss efforts could be for nothing.

And that’s what makes this [Harvard fat loss breakthrough] so unique.

Harvard University discovered this stunning weight loss method
last year, and it’s so revolutionary they’re already planning to patent it.

Not only does it force fat from your cells without dieting
or exercise, it also…

  • Lowers blood pressure without the need for expensive drugs...
  • Blasts away LDL (the bad) cholesterol…
  • Strengthens your digestion for a cast iron stomach and even
  • Reverses the risk of type 2 diabetes…

 >>Harvard scientists announce their no diet, no exercise fat loss breakthrough

How does it do all of this without diet or exercise? It has to do
with one little nutrient that literally forces fat out of your cells.

So if you or someone you love has struggled for years to lose
weight and keep it off…

If you’re tired of frustrating exercises and starvation diets…

And if you’re close to giving up on your weight loss goals
completely then you NEED to see this solution right away.

[>>Click here to discover the weight loss breakthrough
that has Harvard scrambling for a patent]

Your Friend,


Subject: US TROOPS: Too heavy to fight?

Subject: Is obesity a national security issue?

Subject: Obesity Is A National Security Issue, But the Army Has the Solution

Subject: Too Fat to Prone, The Sad Story of Jon Schoenherr

Dear {!firstname_fix},

When Jon Schoenherr turned 17 he knew he was going
to enlist in the U.S. Army.

But when he showed up a sergeant gave the 17-year-old
some surprising news.

He said he would have to lose 50lbs to qualify!

It sounds shocking, but this is one of the biggest threats
to US Service men and women is obesity!

Thousands of troops are struggling to lose weight, and
thousands have been booted out of the service in recent
years because they couldn’t.

“This is quickly becoming a national security issue for us. The
pool of recruits is becoming smaller,”
said Col. Gaston Bathalon,
an Army nutrition expert.

[However, rumors have it that the US Military could be
looking into an all-natural solution that literally blasts
away fat from your fat cells.]

As you can imagine, military types don’t have much patience
for months long exercise and diet programs.

They need something that works and works fast.

The good news is this solution is already on the market.

It was created by my friend and colleague Derek Evans who
found a way to “tweak” human fat cells so they are forced to
give up their excess fat.

The same fat they normally store on your hips, thighs and belly.

[Here’s where you can get it], but I would hurry before the US
Military makes the call to scoop up what’s available.

Stay Young,

P.S. Derek has already told me he’s experienced some product
shortages since the start of the year and he suspects it’s because
more “military” types are catching on.



Subject: Weird seed sheds pounds

Subject: Weird Fruit Burns fat 1,828% faster!

Subject: If you’re dead serious about losing weight…


The seed of this weird fruit allows you to [restart your body’s
fat burning prowess by over 1,828%…] in decades…

And literally within weeks, folks have dropped on an average
a whopping 28.1lbs… reduced overall body fat by 18.4%…
and watched their waist size shrink by 6.7”.

Just a couple of seconds each day to melt those excess pounds
without changing your diet, and without any side effects.

…Helps overweight people shed pounds and lower their cholesterol” — Fox News

[Click here to learn more about this weird fruit.]




Subject: Dropping pounds? Be careful of a heart attack...

Subject: Zero effort trick burns fat

Subject: Exercise keeps fat trapped


You won’t believe this…

[>>> Zero Effort Trick Burns Fat <<<]

See how you could be unknowingly sabotaging not just
your weight but your entire health by living a supposedly
healthy lifestyle?

And instead of dropping pounds, it’s more likely for someone
to drop dead of a heart attack from all that dieting and exercise…

Not to mention the fact that doing so leads to diabetes
and even cancer.

Because it’s NOT calories.

It’s NOT fat.

It’s NOT sugar that affects your weight loss.

It’s [this junk protein inside your body] that keeps fat
trapped inside your body no matter what diet, exercise,
or lifestyle changes you make.

Yet doctors don’t even know it exists… let alone have a way to flush it out.

But we do.

And we’re keeping this presentation open until tomorrow midnight.

[Click here for the full scoop]

To A Healthier You,



Subject: Lose weight almost 19 times faster

Subject: Avoid THIS harmful body fat

Subject: Weird mineral helps cut fat faster

Hey {!firstname_fix}, Derek here...

Remember the seed extract that helps you lose an average
28.1lbs and reduce overall body fat by 18.4 percent?

[Watch this video] if you’ve no clue what we’re talking about.

Because we just found [another mineral with the same
fat-shredding capabilities].

But sadly, it is the same mineral that nearly every American
is deficient in.

It even has an advanced version called chromax, which has
been tested on real humans with 60 patents and applications.

Combined with the seed extract, it’s found to burn fat
1,828 (no typo) percent faster… that’s almost 19 times more
than your most effective fat loss supplement!

[Click here to lose fat and NEVER gain it back.]

To A Healthier You,



Subject: Untold truth about obesity

Subject: No Diets, No Exercise, Instant Weight Loss

Subject: REVEALED: The Real Reason You Can’t Lose Weight

Subject: The Truth Behind Your Body’s Need to Gain Weight

Dear {!firstname_fix},

There’s [a reason why you can’t lose weight] no matter how
little you eat and how hard you exercise…

It explains the truth behind why the body fights to gain weight
back no matter what diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes you make.

Left unchecked… it could even lead to diabetes, heart disease,
and even cancer.

Yet most experts seem ignore it.


You still can experience the same staggering weight loss reality
without another fad diet or weight loss regimen

[Click here to see it for yourself.]

Stay Young,



Subject: #1 nutrient that attacks your most stubborn fat

Subject: Big Pharma goes after another weight loss wonder...

Subject: They want to shut him down for THIS…

Subject: Watch this before they shut it down…


One of my colleagues Adam Glass has gained exclusive
access to a big weight loss breakthrough.

It’s the first time a known natural substance attacked
the body’s most stubborn fat.

Instead of focusing on the low hanging fruit like diet and
exercise do…

This nutrient acts like a laser guided missile, attracted to
a certain element inside stubborn fat.

That’s why it’s so important for you to [watch this presentation.]

Some researchers known to take handouts from Big Pharma
want to shut Adam down so they can “study” it more.

It’s a bunch of baloney and I’m having none of it.

Instead of just keeping this for my private patients, I’ve decided
it’s too important not to share with the general public.

[Click here to get it]




Subject: Eat this delicacy to burn stubborn fat 1,828% faster

Subject: Eat this delicacy to lose weight…

Subject: Eat this raw and watch your waist size shrink 6 inches…


Have you tried eating this delicacy?

Whether raw or roasted, it [helps you burn stubborn fat 1,828% faster!]

Most people who have taken advantage of [this weird seed]
have on average, dropped over 28.1 pounds, reduce overall
body fat by 18.4%

And watched their waist size shrunk by 6 inches in weeks!

All this without a rigorous diet, a crazy exercise routine or
any lifestyle gimmicks.

[Click here if you haven’t tried it.]




Subject: Stop exercising and dieting ASAP
Subject: (it can LITERALLY kill you) I could get jailed for sharing this…
Subject: This fat loss truth will hurt the weight loss business


What I’m about to share with you can get me in a lot of trouble…

The dirty, inconvenient truth is —

The most RECENT SCIENCE now reveals that…

[Dieting and exercising can actually make your weight problem… WORSE.]

In fact, 7500 studies now say it doesn’t just make
it worse… it can LITERALLY KILL YOU.

I can’t get through all the science in this email…

[This explains it really well, you need to watch this]

You’ll see how this is forcing your brain to send out “sick signals”
all over your body…

Triggering the beginning stages of diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

It’s a matter of LIFE or DEATH that you find out what this is ASAP…

And get rid of it.

[Watch this urgent medical video NOW]

Stop dieting.

Stop exercising.

Stop taking fat burning pills.

Do nothing until you understand what this is and how it can harm you.

[Learn more here]

Your Friend,



Subject: Couch potato reveals weight loss secret

Subject: Ancient enzyme shifts body to ‘skinny’

Subject: From chubby to effortlessly skinny

Dear {!firstname_fix},

[This ancient enzyme] allows you to believe your body it’s been
exercising — even when you’re sitting still.

Literally, you can go from perpetually chubby to effortlessly
slim without even lifting a finger.

It’s something most health experts could never have imagined.

[Just 30 seconds every morning to activate this special enzyme]
and shift your body into ‘skinny mode’ with no side effects and
no long-term unknown health risks.

“…It’s the pharmacologic equivalent to exercise”
Dr. Ron Evans, Ph. D, on the couch potato experiment

[Click here now to signal your body’s cells to ‘think’ they’ve been working out.]




Subject: Couch potato weight loss trick

Subject: Harvard’s couch potato weight loss experiment

Subject: What exercise actually does to your fat cells


Have you ever wondering what is going on inside your body
when you’re exercising?

Probably not. If you’re like most people, the only reason your
exercise is to burn off excess weight.

But maybe that’s not working as fast as you’d like. And maybe
you just don’t have the time to hit the gym every day.

If that’s true then you’re going to want to read this next part…

Turns out Harvard trained scientists have been studying a funny
little enzyme they say is at the “center of your metabolism’s switchboard”. 

To put it simply, when you workout, this enzyme is switched
on and goes into hyperdrive burning calories and fat.

Until now, researchers thought that the only way to turn this
molecule on was with good old fashioned exercise.

But as it turns out, there is another way to flip the switch on this
molecule and turn your body into a calorie burning machine
without ever setting foot in a gym.

[Click here] to see how it’s done and how you can do it from your own couch!




Subject: Burn fat faster than cardio

Subject: Sit your way to weight loss

Subject: REAL reason working out is good for you


Multiple experts have now confirmed…

There’s [one simple, delicious way, you can burn fat] to your
heart’s content.

It’s all about AMPK — a four-letter enzyme that [burns fat
faster than cardio]
even if you’re just sitting on the couch…

Allowing you to eat all you want and still lose the flab.

Ironically, it’s also the REAL reason working out is good for you.

(Trust me, how it works will shock you.)

And did I mention that it also adds 20 to 30% more years to your
life as a side effect?

[Go here to put your body into fat-blasting mode.]




Subject: Why Some People Stay Thin No Matter What
Subject: They Eat Could Your Metabolism Be Hibernating? Do You Have
Subject: A Friend Who Eats Whatever They Want (And They Still Stay Slim?)


I don’t know about you, but to me, there’s nothing more frustrating than this …

Watching a friend who eats whatever they want … desserts, pasta,
bread, big steaks … but they never gain weight!

And then there’s me. I do everything you’re supposed to do. 
I watch what I eat.  I exercise when I can.  I try to buy organic. 
But if I so much as look at dessert, I start to blow up.

Why can those people get away with it and we can’t? 
I always figured it was genetics. Or bad luck somehow.

But, as it turns out, [a new video by my friend George]
spells out exactly why some people can get away with eating
whatever they want - and we can’t.

And it’s got NOTHING to do with genetics.

What he’s discovered is that many of us are in a state of
metabolic hibernation.  When you’re in metabolic hibernation,
much of what you eat is NOT burned for energy, like it should be. 
Instead, it’s stored as fat.

But, what Kevin has found out is that it’s easy to
[wake yourself out of metabolic hibernation].

There are 3 ways to do it:

  1. Workout like a demon.
  2. Eat a very low-calorie diet.
  3. Get more of a specific enzyme that may be lacking in your body.

I don’t know about you, but #1 and #2 are NOT sustainable for me.

But #3?  Yeah, I can do that all day.

Just what is this enzyme?

George tells you all about it in the video:

[Click here to watch it now.]

Talk soon,