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RECOMMENDED From Name 1: asian advantage?

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: Okinawans...


BEST Subject: One weird Japanese trick can make you really thin 

Subject: Meet the skinniest people on earth 

Subject: Why are the Japanese so skinny? (What’s their secret?)

Subject: Japanese trick to lose stubborn fat

Subject: Stubborn fat doesn’t stand a chance with this Japanese trick

Subject: What do the skinniest people on earth have in common?

Hey {!firstname_fix},

People in Okinawa, Japan are some of the skinniest people on earth.

And researchers have discovered it’s something in their diet.

You’re probably thinking fish right? 

But it’s not. It's something else.

This food Okinawans eat?

It has the power to burn fat like nothing else on Earth.

In fact—

It opens up your fat cells... and forces them to “release” the fat out of your body.

And when they tested the “extract” of this weird Japanese food with Americans...

They found that...

The stubborn fat around your thighs...

...Under your arms...

...And around your belly...

Fat that you thought would be impossible to lose…

Suddenly shrink away!

So, what is this weird Japanese food?

And how can you get your hands on it?

[Find out here]


P.S. We want you to LOOK like you're 10, 20 years younger when you lose that excess fat...

And that's why we're offering this fat-burning formula based on this weird Japanese food.

[Learn more about this “fat-burning nutrient” here] … You’ll love it.


RECOMMENDED From Name 1: {​{contact.first_name}}’s Tummy (for lists with first name data)

RECOMMENDED From Name 2 :"Your Tummy" (for lists without first name data)


BEST Subject: Could V8 help you lose 28 pounds?

Subject: V8 + Fish Oil

Subject: V8 vs. Fish Oil

Subject: V8 vs. Russian Vodka

Subject: or Russian Vodka?!

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Look carefully at the 3 items below...

Science now shows some of these drinks contain a powerful compound for feeling younger, almost like age rewinding…

It can even help you lose 2 pounds a day.

...but which one?

Try to guess:

  • [V8 

  • Fish Oil
  • Russian Vodka
  • Seabuckthorn Oil] 

Got your guess ready? See if you're right...

[Click here to find out what will help you lose crazy weight] -- and the weird reason why.



RECOMMENDED From Name 1: shsshhh

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: special oil


BEST Subject: Dr. Oz loves this ‘miracle weight-loss oil’

Subject: Dr. Oz says, "It may keep you thin"

Subject: Why does Dr. Oz rave about this oil?

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Did you catch the episode of Dr. Oz where he talks about omega-7s?

He said, "it may keep you thin...

Because it signals the body to stop storing unnecessary fat".

Sounds amazing.

Heck, even Harvard researchers have done their own tests...

And they've proven that, yes, omega-7 actually does get your body to keep off the extra pounds...

Even better, they discovered that omega-7 tells fat cells to... release the fat.

In other words...

[You can lose weight without exercising and dieting!]

But how do you get omega-7s?

Unfortunately, Dr. Oz says, "it's rare in its natural form."

Well that sucks.

And that explains why Harvard is trying to patent thing nutrient.

Thankfully, there are ways to extract it in its natural form.

And I've found [the best place for you to get omega-7s]

No need to thank me now.

Just send me a message when you start shedding the pounds.



RECOMMENDED From Name 1: Vitamin Mistake 


Pre-Header: Trying to lose weight? Stop taking THIS vitamin immediately...


BEST Subject: One weird Japanese trick can make you really thin 

Subject: Meet the skinniest people on earth 

Subject: Why are the Japanese so skinny? (What’s their secret?)

Subject: Japanese trick to lose stubborn fat

Subject: Stubborn fat doesn’t stand a chance with this Japanese trick

Subject: What do the skinniest people on earth have in common?

Hey {!firstname_fix},

I’ve got a question for you…

Studies show THIS vitamin has been linked to rapid weight gain!

Which one do you think it is?

Click below to find out…

  • [Vitamin C

  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin D
  • Omega 7]

When you have your answer, [click here to see if you guessed correctly.]

The answer may surprise you!

Also… [I’m going to tell you about Harvard’s favorite “vitamin.”]

This can help you lose a pound a day.

Even during holiday season. 



RECOMMENDED From Name 1: Fat Loss Omega 

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: Stubborn fat?


BEST Subject: Omega 3s Prove Useless, But THIS Isn’t!

Subject: Discover How to Eliminate Stubborn Fat

Subject: Dreading Holiday Weight Gain? Here’s Your Solution

Subject: Get in on this while you can…

Subject: The difference between 3 and 7…

Subject: {{contact.first_name}}, be ahead of the curve

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Omega 7s are a little more complicated than Omega 3’s because they’re not already produced by the body.

But their impact on weight loss is night and day.

In fact, there was one patient who lost 166lbs in 12 months just by taking Omega 7 with every meal.

But if you’re not careful, some low-quality Omega 7s may have no effect at all.

[That’s why this video] is so important. In it, you’ll see exactly how Omega 7’s force your fat cells to release that stubborn fat…

PLUS you’ll hear about how to choose the right form of Omega 7 to make sure it’s both speeding up your metabolism and lowering your inflammation.

That’s when the rapid fat loss starts to happen. 

With Omega 7 your body can chew up fat faster, and spit it out easier.

But you need to watch it now. Like I said, I can see this being a big health trend in 2020 and beyond.

Once that happens you can be sure there will be a rush on Omega 7’s, which will drive the price up, and the quality down.

[So watch the video here today so you can be ahead of the curve.]




RECOMMENDED From Name 1: HUGE impact

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: love this change


BEST Subject: Bioleptin is helping people have more sex

Subject: Sexual dysfunction… gone from Bioleptin?

Subject: Lower sexual dysfunction by 90%... 

Hey {!firstname_fix},

People are re-shaping their lives... losing more weight...

And having more sex...???

It’s no mystery… 

Carrying excess weight has a HUGE impact on your sexual health.

But people who  [got their hands on Bioleptin] this week… 

Are tired of living the same old life.

Aren't you?

Don't you want to join them and...

Drop those excess pounds… 

Have more energy… 

More confidence… 

Have more sex… 

And FINALLY be in control of your life?

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RECOMMENDED From Name 1: you’re blessed

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: fatter?


BEST Subject: Missing this mineral is why you’re always hungry

Subject: Missing this mineral controls your appetite

Subject: Eat 4x less calories, without cravings…...

Subject: Stop the hunger pains forever

Hey {!firstname_fix},

You know, while we’re blessed to live in America, it actually leads to certain…

… Inadequacies.

One of which is making us fatter by the day.

Turns out—

Nearly every American is deficient in a certain [mineral known for regulating hunger]

And it’s so powerful, carb cravings and appetite plummet by 50%...

Shrinking calorie intake for most by 4x.

What is this mineral?

[Discover more about this hunger regulator here.]




RECOMMENDED From Name 1: science lab

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: scientists agree


BEST Subject: Protein makes you fat.

Subject: “Junk protein” hold your fat hostage

Subject: The wrong protein to have for fat loss

Subject: Flush THIS out for fat loss

Subject: What’s in these test tubes is making you fat

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Almost everything the medical establishment has told you about weight loss is dead wrong.

If you’ve been told to cut calories…

…work out harder…

…or do aerobics till you drop…


You won’t lose a single pound until you [flush this “junk protein” out of your body.]

Once you flush that stuff out, you’ll effortlessly… 

  • torch off excess body fat
  • shrink your waist size
  • lower your cholesterol
  • skyrocketed energy levels

So what is this “junk protein” exactly?

It’s swimming in your bloodstream right now…

…causing your body to TRAP and HOLD ON to excess fat.

This is why you can’t lose weight.

I’ll tell you the secret to getting rid of this “junk protein”… and effortlessly losing weight… right here…

>> [Click here to flush out this fattening “junk protein”]




RECOMMENDED From Name 1: african secret

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: jungle magic


BEST Subject: QUIZ: This will stop hunger all day long

Subject: Eat this ingredient 30 times to lose 30 pounds

Subject: QUIZ: This lightning-fast weight loss trick

Subject: QUIZ: #1 ingredient to curb your appetite

Subject: Can you guess this ‘jungle fat-burning secret’?

Subject: QUIZ: Your body fat can’t grow with this… 

Hey {!firstname_fix},

One of these ingredients… found in the African Jungle… 

Is the one hidden secret that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for fat cells to grow.

Click on your choice below to discover the answer:

And I can already tell you now… 

The true answer will shock you.

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RECOMMENDED From Name 1: a bug

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: ewwwww


BEST Subject: Freaky thing in your bloodstream keeps you fat

Subject: Fat hoarding “bug” swimming inside your body

Subject: Get THIS out of your bloodstream to lose weight

Subject: You can’t lose weight with this “bug” in your blood

Hey {!firstname_fix},

So many people think weight loss is some sort of action you have to take…

Like painful, sweaty, exhausting exercise. Or dieting.

That’s a lie!

Burning fat is something your body already does… 

The problem is… 

Most people nowadays have [this weird fat-hoarding “bug” inside them]... 

… swimming around in their bloodstream.

Sadly, you won’t lose a single pound until you flush this out of your body ASAP.

This short clip below reveals if you have this ‘hoarder’ in your body:

And once you flush that thing out… 

You’ll effortlessly… 

  • Torch off excess body fat
  • Shrink your waist size
  • Lower your cholesterol

… and have skyrocketed energy levels.

But you need to do this one thing first… 

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PRE-HEADER: This “liquid magic” changes it all 


BEST Subject: Two little drops kills even the worst pain

Subject: Drops of this liquid eases pain on contact

Subject: On-contact pain that works - it  just WORKS

Hey {!firstname_fix},

 What if there was a natural pain reliever that was [5 times stronger than any natural remedy you’ve ever taken?]

It sounds almost unbelievable right?

Well, I’m hoping you’ll suspend your disbelief and keep an open mind while watching the presentation below.

 When you watch it you’ll see how just two little drops of this pain miracle can wash away even the worst pain.

You just take a few drops of this stuff on your worst pain areas...

And, before you know it...

Your pain is gone -  just like that.

 I know it sounds hard to believe, but that’s exactly why I put together a presentation at the link below so you can see it for yourself.

[>>WATCH: Two drops and goodbye pain...]




RECOMMENDED From Name 1: no more opioids

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: miraculous


BEST Subject: Your knee surgery is cancelled

Subject: His arthritis vanished

Subject: Joint pain GONE in 54 seconds

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Mark Stansen was DREADING knee surgery.

But it wasn't the operation he was worried about.

It was the opiods he'd be given later on that made him FEAR for his life.

You see...

Mark had done his research. 

He knew 13% of knee surgery patients end up opioid addicts.

But the good news is... 

Mark's research led him to another discovery.

He found out there’s a [new pain relieving drop].

Here’s what he said after trying them: “It reversed “bone-on-bone” arthritis without surgery or drugs and I cancelled my knee replacement surgery.”

What are these miraculous pain relieving drops?

You can find out in this video:




RECOMMENDED From Name 1: Make a guess

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: Real Answers


BEST Subject: Which of these “cools” pain quickest?

Subject: Quiz: The pain relief secret your doctor won’t tell you

Subject: Which pain remedy works quickest? (answer inside)

Subject: Which of these pain relievers works the fastest?

Subject: Guess right and win this 5x strength pain reliever

Subject: Which natural pain reliever is 5x stronger than the others?

Subject: Could you benefit from this pain reliever? (look inside)

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Can you guess which of these remedies cools aches and pains the fastest?

When you think you know, click on your answer below:

  1. [Tylenol]
  2. [Arctic Blast]
  3. [Icy Hot]
  4. [Tiger Balm]

When you find out the REAL answer...

You’ll see how people are taking back their lives from debilitating pain once and for all.

Making this one little adjustment in your morning routine can make HUGE changes…

Like easily twisting off a jar lid...

Climbing stairs easily…

Bending over to tend your garden…

And even enjoying a good night’s sleep!

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RECOMMENDED From Name 1: Block Pain

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: in just seconds


BEST Subject: Real reason behind chronic pain

Subject: Spring Out of Bed WITHOUT Pain

Subject: Get Your Mobility Back

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Do you know why your body feels pain?

You see…

When your body hurts -- cartilage, muscle, bone, or whatever the case -- it sends a ‘pain’ signal to your brain. 

Then your brain processes it and then it sends it back with a wallop -- BAM!

But that’s where the problem starts…

No pain pill or remedy on earth can stop that pain signal from reaching your brain.

It’s not how painkillers work.


===>> [This One Does]

It’s a huge breakthrough in pain relief because it goes directly through your skin to your tissues and into your bones enabling you to block pain within seconds. 

It’s like starting a whole new pain-free life… a life where you could do pretty much whatever you like. 

By jamming the pain signal...

You allow yourself to be completely, 100% pain-free. 

[Get it here before it’s too late.]




RECOMMENDED From Name 1: mysterious

RECOMMENDED From Name 2: Amazing discovery


BEST Subject: Finally: Freedom from lower back pain

Subject: END pain in your neck, back, shoulders, hips and fingers

Subject: THE best therapy for joint and muscle pain

Subject: “Magic drops” safely end your worst pain

Subject: “Magic drops” that end all joint and muscle pain

Subject: Natural and safe “magic drops” ends all pain

Hey {!firstname_fix},

See that (below)?

[They’re “magic drops” that will end your worst joint and muscle pain…]

And the Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic are both hailing this mysterious (and natural) liquid as an amazing discovery for pain sufferers.

Whether it’s sharp, shooting pain in your lower back… knees… knuckles…

Or anything else for that matter.

Just a couple of these “magic drops” are all you need to end all the pain for days at a time

With no side effects. No upset stomach. And no weird smells.

Isn’t it time to take control away from the pain that just won’t go away?

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