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From Name: 16-year old

From Name: You want?

From Name: gobble gobble


RECOMMENDED Subject: Everyone wants this OIL… 

Subject: Metabolism at 80

Subject: A 16-year old metabolism?

Subject: Eat like you did at 16…


RECOMMENDED Pre-Header : Even Harvard.

Pre-header: It’s possible

Pre-header: It’s possible, even at 80.

Pre-header: And lose 2 pounds a day

Hey {!firstname_fix},

What if I told you, you could eat anything you wanted (just like when you were 16)...

And still lose weight...

That’s exactly what I’m going to reveal to you today.

See, scientists recently discovered this oil…

It’s one of the most important oils you could consume.

(Hint: It’s not fish oil.)

This ONE OIL can…

  • Keep your blood sugar levels healthy...
  • Cool that nasty inflammation... 
  • Level out cholesterol and triglyceride levels...

And get this…

This OIL can burn 2 pounds of fat a DAY!

Everyone’s been trying to figure out how to get this OIL.

Harvard is even trying to patent it…

Click here to grab this OIL - before it’s gone.



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RECOMMENDED From Name : Wow.

From Name: Tried this, {{contact.first_name}}?

From Name: Japanese Belly Secret

From Name: Cecilia - 5th & Glow


RECOMMENDED Subject: Meet the skinniest person on earth🌎 

Subject: One weird Japanese trick can make you really thin

Subject: Is this why Japanese are so skinny?

Subject: One weird Japanese trick can make you really thin


RECOMMENDED Pre-Header : You won’t believe this..

PreHeader: The 2021 craze...

PreHeader: The 2021 trend you need to know.

PreHeader: You won’t believe this..

Hey {!firstname_fix},

 People in Okinawa, Japan are some of the skinniest people on earth.

And researchers have discovered it’s something in their diet.

You’re probably thinking fish right?

But it’s not. It's something else.

This food Okinawans eat?

It has the power to burn fat like nothing else on Earth.

In fact—

It opens up your fat cells... and forces them to “release” the fat out of your body.

And when they tested the “extract” of this weird Japanese food with Americans...

They found that...

The stubborn fat around your thighs...

...Under your arms...

...And around your belly...

Fat that you thought would be impossible to lose…

Suddenly shrink away!

So, what is this weird Japanese food?

And how can you get your hands on it?

Find out here


P.S. We want you to LOOK like you're 10, 20 years younger when you lose that excess fat...

And that's why we're offering this fat-burning formula based on this weird Japanese food.

Learn more about this “fat-burning nutrient” here … You’ll love it.




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RECOMMENDED From Name : {{contact.first_name}}’s BULGE 

From Name: The Truth:

From Name: Conspiracy exposed:

From Name: belly fat


RECOMMENDED Subject: Omega 3 vs. Omega 7 

Subject: Omega 3 conspiracy

Subject: Stop taking Omega 3’s!! [explained]

Subject: Are Omega 3s just expensive pee?


RECOMMENDED Pre-Header :  Inside the biggest weight loss scam in history 

Preheader: The reason why Dr. Oz and Harvard are researching this new Omega...

Preheader: could just be really expensive pee (here’s why…)

Preheader: Why Dr. Oz and Harvard are researching a New Omega...

Hey {!firstname_fix},

There’s a big difference between Omega 3’s…

And Omega 7’s…

Why haven’t you heard about Omega 7’s before?

The truth would break the dieting industry.

(And frankly the health industry as a whole)

No more fad diets like Keto…

No more stress over cholesterol issues…

No more calorie counting…

No more wondering about your blood sugar…

No more disappointment when you step on the scale…

What would all the health mags write about?

You see…

Omega 7’s are rarely found in the right doses in our food.

But our body depends on it to signal when our fat cells can release fat.

So, without Omega 7’s…

We’re holding TIGHT to all that fat…

Here’s the full story and the science explained.

There’s a reason Dr. Oz and Harvard research are exploring Omega 7’s…

It’s time for you to say goodbye to the diet and health industries…


Make the choice for simple weight loss and overall health





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RECOMMENDED From Name : shsshhh 

From Name : special oil


RECOMMENDED Subject: Doctors love this ‘miracle weight-loss oil’ 

Subject: Doctors say, "It may keep you thin"

Subject: Why do doctors rave about this oil?

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Did you catch the episode of Dr. Oz where he talks about omega-7s?

He said, "it may keep you thin...

Because it signals the body to stop storing unnecessary fat".

Sounds amazing.

Heck, even Harvard researchers have done their own tests...

And they've proven that, yes, omega-7 actually does get your body to keep off the extra pounds...

Even better, they discovered that omega-7 tells fat cells to... release the fat.

In other words...

You can lose weight without exercising and dieting!

But how do you get omega-7s?

Unfortunately, Dr. Oz says, "it's rare in its natural form."

Well that sucks.

And that explains why Harvard is trying to patent thing nutrient.

Thankfully, there are ways to extract it in its natural form.

And I've found the best place for you to get omega-7s

No need to thank me now.

Just send me a message when you start shedding the pounds.





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RECOMMENDED From Name 2: Just 2 Seconds 


RECOMMENDED Pre-Header 1: Nobody should ever have to experience such a humiliation…

RECOMMENDED Pre-Header 2: Katie used it and lost 42lbs in just 5 weeks


RECOMMENDED Subject: The fat lady broke the Ferris Wheel 

Subject: NYU scientist cracks “fat code”

Subject: Too fat for the Ferris Wheel

Subject: Katie used this and lost 42lbs in just 5 weeks.

Hey {!firstname_fix},

“Look! The fat lady broke the Ferris Wheel!”

Katie was so EMBARRASSED when 3 teenage boys yelled this from the carnival crowd. She was 50+ lbs overweight but there was no way that she broke the Ferris Wheel.

But it didn’t take the sting away.

Katie tried desperately to lose weight through dieting and exercise. But she just COULDN’T lose her belly fat, no matter how hard she tried.

Little did she know — it wasn’t her fault. 

An NYU medical scientist just discovered that stubborn belly fat has NOTHING to with diet, exercise, or hormones. Instead it’s because a cellular gate has locked fat in your cells…

Making it nearly impossible for women over 35 to consistently lose weight…

Leading to fat piling onto their tummy, thighs, and arms year after year...

Luckily, now there’s an easy 2-second ritual that opens your “fat gate.” Katie used it and lost 42lbs in just 5 weeks. Discover how here:

==> THIS 2-second ritual opens your “fat trap...”




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RECOMMENDED From Name: Feeling fluffy? 


RECOMMENDED Pre-Header: And lose up to 54 lbs in just a few months... 


RECOMMENDED Subject: Add 10-drops of this to your water 

Subject: 10-drops. 54 lbs.

Subject: Removes 54 lbs in first 6 months

Subject: Losing up to 54 lbs, with just 10-drops

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Over 152,714 regular folks like you have just discovered the missing piece of the weight-loss puzzle… 

And it only takes 10-seconds each day… 

All you have to do is wake up, add 10-drops of this to your water, and you’ll instantly stop the storage of fat cells, while increasing your fat-burning capacity up to 1800%.

It’s backed by over thousands of research studies and it’s so effective the medical community and big pharma are trying to censor it. 

Since our right to free speech is now under constant attack, watch this now before they catch wind of this video and force it to be taken down. 

>> ​10 Drops REMOVES 54 lbs in the first 6 months (no dieting or exercise required)





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RECOMMENDED From Name: {{contact.first_name}}’s body 

From Name: Imagine this, {{contact.first_name}}

From Name: Experts Disagree


RECOMMENDED Preheader: It could be holding you hostage, regardless of your diet...

Preheader: It’s not your thyroid or adrenal glands… so what is it?!

Preheader: When you fix the balance of this “fat organ”

Preheader: Until they see THIS “fat organ”...


BEST Subject:  Is a “rogue organ” inside you making you fat? 

Subject: This “rogue organ” is keeping you prisoner in your own body

Subject: Fat flows right out of your hips, thighs and belly...

Subject: About why some people can’t lose weight...

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Is a “rogue organ” inside you making you fat?

Yeah, there’s all the organs we know about… the heart, liver, and so on…

...and it’s not your thyroid, adrenal glands or anything like that…

I’m not talking about those.

It’s an organ most experts don’t even CONSIDER an organ.

Yet when you restore the natural balance of this organ…

...fat flows right out of your hips, thighs, belly and back… never to be seen again.

When I first heard of this technique…

Something the people of the West African rainforest have used for centuries to remain fit and slender at any age…

I was skeptical…

But when I saw how it helped one woman lose 67 lbs, without ever having cravings…

I became a believer.

Take a look for yourself:

>> Restore this “fat organ”, and lose 10, 20, even 60+ pounds in weeks





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RECOMMENDED From Name:  4 pain relievers. 




RECOMMENDED Subject: New incredible photo of the oldest man on earth:open_mouth:  

Subject: Pain GONE with natural alternative… :scream:

Subject: End pain in 54 seconds :no_entry_sign:

Subject: 2 drops. Pain gone in 54 seconds.

Any idea {!firstname_fix}...

Which one of these alternatives soothes pain the quickest?

Is it…

A. A glass of wine

B. An electromagnetic field

C. This liquid discovered in 19th century Germany

D. A mix of salt water and olive oil

Go ahead and pick your answer above. You’d be shocked at the different pain relief options you have…

Though I’ll say this: One of these works way faster than all the others combined…

Studies show it works in under a minute.

Click here to find out if it will help you too


P.S. This natural pain reliever is approved by the FDA.

That’s why pro athletes are using it too.

See what makes it so special




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RECOMMENDED From Name: Harvard Warning: 



RECOMMENDED Preheader: Don’t take CBD for pain until you read this...

Preheader: Harvard said the science on CBD doesn’t match the marketing


RECOMMENDED Subject: CBD is Dangerous…

Subject: What No One is Telling You

Subject: Don’t Purchase Any CBD Products Until You Read This...

Subject: And what Google doesn’t want you to see…

Hey {!firstname_fix},

“Got pain? Use CBD.”


That advice pisses me off.

I hate it because…

CBD is being sold everywhere like it’s a miracle or cure-all.

They claim it’s...

Pain relieving, appetite suppressing, depression eliminating, cancer-curing and immune-system fortifying…

It’s in everything: creams, oils, rubs, coffees, and even beer…

But the truth is…

Not only does CBD not work for pain…

But it also can be dangerous.

In fact, Harvard recently issued a warning about CBD.

They said the science on CBD doesn’t match the marketing…

In fact, they also said if you are taking blood thinners or heart medications, it could cause severe complications or even death.

But there’s good news...

There is actually a SAFE, and all natural way to eliminate your pain.

  • It’s legal.
  • It won’t get you high.
  • It’s cheap.
  • Shoot, it’s even FDA approved.

Pro athletes have been using this secret substance for over 30 years.

If you have...

√ Swelling

√ Muscle soreness

√ Cramps

√ And inflammation

Just 2 drops and 54 seconds to banish pain and discomfort for DAYS at a time with no side effects, no stomach upset, and no long-term unknown health risks.

Literally within seconds, you're able to open bottle lids without any help, climb stairs easily... bend over to tend your garden... and enjoy a good night's sleep without almost any pain.

“You take this stuff and it starts right away,” — Oscar winning actor James Coburn

Click here now to discover a life free of pain.


P.S.  Big Pharma tried to ban this all natural cure in the 60’s because they couldn’t make enough money off it…

Please watch this before they ask their buddies at Google to wipe this off the internet.

See it before it’s too late.



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From Name : Forget Advil


RECOMMENDED Preheader: This “liquid magic” changes it all 

PreHeader : This “liquid magic” changes it all 


RECOMMENDED Subject: Two little drops kills even the worst pain 

Subject: Drops of this liquid eases pain on contact

Subject: On-contact pain that works - it  just WORKS

Hey {!firstname_fix},

What if there was a natural pain reliever that was 5 times stronger than any natural remedy you’ve ever taken?

It sounds almost unbelievable right?

Well, I’m hoping you’ll suspend your disbelief and keep an open mind while watching the presentation below.

When you watch it you’ll see how just two little drops of this pain miracle can wash away even the worst pain.

You just take a few drops of this stuff on your worst pain areas...

And, before you know it...

Your pain is gone -  just like that.

I know it sounds hard to believe, but that’s exactly why I put together a presentation at the link below so you can see it for yourself.

>>WATCH: Two drops and goodbye pain...





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RECOMMENDED From Name: {​{contact.first_name}} (or "hey you") 

From Name: Crippling pain

From Name: Liquid relief

From Name: 🙁


RECOMMENDED Subject: 2 drops of this and see for yourself… 

Subject: Switch off your pain “trigger” without pain killers

Subject: PAIN.

Subject: Still hurt after healing?


RECOMMENDED Pre-Header: Watch this ASAP. 

Preheader: Watch this before taking another dose.

Preheader: 54 seconds flat. Just 2 drops.

Preheader: Watch THIS before you refill your prescription.

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Imagine you could magically stop arthritis, fix your back, or repair any sprained or damaged muscles in your body…

You’d expect that to cure your pain, right? But here’s the surprising thing:

It might not!

In fact, your pain may still be just as severe!

According to a Harvard Medical School study, your brain can overreact to pain, causing you to hurt… forever.

So if you want relief, you need to “switch off” your pain triggers.

Not all pain killers can do this.

This one does:


It allows you to simply flip a switch and feel your pain vanish instantly, like it never existed.

Studies show it works in under a minute.

Find out how to actually “switch off” your pain here


Cardio clear 7


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RECOMMENDED From Name : Clogged arteries? 

From Name: Vitamin Recall!

From Name: {{contact.first_name}}'s Heart... (if you have first name data)

From Name: #1 heart killer


RECOMMENDED Subject: Simple fix to plaque-proof your arteries 

Subject: BREAKING! Harvard Study - THIS common vitamin causes cancer...

Subject: Finally a 135/65 reading…

Subject: This cooked potato stopped his heart cold


RECOMMENDED Preheader: Weird “Sticky Tar” nutrient flush excess plaque (just do THIS every morning...) 

Pre-Header: STOP taking this vitamin immediately

Pre-Header: Pipe cleaner for your arteries... here's how...

Pre-Header: Innocent potato = Heart attack

Hey {!firstname_fix},

If you’ve been dealing with constant fatigue that just makes you feel old…

… or numbness and pain in your arms and legs…

Plaque may be the problem.

But did you know you could “plaque proof” your arteries?

It’s possible with this single nutrient.

You’ll have a fool-proof way to flush out excess plaque with ease.

It’s like rolling back the clock on your heart to when you were a care-free teenager.

The results have been amazing for the people who’ve already given it a shot.

There’s Don Johnson…

“I do feel more energized & have been noticed by others that way despite being 74. Someone spoke about me as having a boat load of endless energy.”

And also Linda who is sleeping better now.

Since I had knee surgery my blood pressure has been on the average 170/120. I began taking meds to lower my blood pressure, but it was staying about 150/90. I've had EKG, stress tests, but no reasoning except stress and high threshold to pain (from continued soft tissue tearing). Since taking this nutrient it's been averaging about 135/65. I'm going to bed without sleeping pills, and my BP is generally 120/50 or lower at bedtime. Love going to sleep with less worries.”

So… what is this nutrient?

Click here to find out.



Cardio clear 7


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RECOMMENDED From Name :  Only 59 

From Name : #1 heart killer

From Name : It was a shock...


From Name : Killer food?


BEST Subject: This cooked potato stopped his heart cold 

Subject: Cook foods the wrong way and THIS happens to your heart

Subject: Even “healthy” people have heart attacks when they eat THIS

Subject: This “healthy” food should come with a health warning


RECOMMENDED Preheader: Innocent potato = Heart attack 

Preheader: Here's what you need to know to keep your heart safe

Preheader: #1 heart-stopping food to avoid


Preheader: Here's what you need to know to stay safe..

His face was blue. His hands were clenched in fists.

His half-eaten potato was still sitting on his plate.

It was a shock.

Adam’s mother still blames herself to this day.

But the most heartbreaking part is… it was entirely preventable.

There’s a reason why some people have unbreakable hearts… while others had hearts that stopped too soon.

You see…

Adam’s father’s death had nothing to do with genetics. Or age…

It all started with the potato on his plate.

And how he cooked it.

If you want to shield your heart from unexpected heart problems…

I highly suggest you watch this:

>> Don’t Cook Food This Way Or Risk A Heart Attack



Cardio clear 7


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Subject: Clear out the gunk in your arteries

Subject: This nutrient is gets your blood flowing again

Subject: This nutrient can “plaque proof” your arteries

Hey {!firstname_fix},

What if you could “plaque proof” your arteries…

Sounds a little too good to be true, right?

But, what if it were true?!

Now, I’m not suggesting you can stop entirely stop plaque, because it’s just a process that happens in your body…

After all, your body produces 80% of your cholesterol. Your body NEEDS cholesterol.

But when cholesterol goes “bad”... it can coat arteries in your entire body with gooey plaque.

But with this single nutrient...

You’ll have a fool-proof way to flush out excess cholesterol with ease.

It’s like rolling back the clock on your heart to when you were a care-free teenager...

That’s why I’m a little surprised you haven’t at least tried it yet, when I’ve been this news all week.

The results have been outstanding for the people who’ve already given it a shot.

Just like Randal who has discovered…

So… what IS this nutrient?

Well, click below to watch this short clip...

>> See how to “plaque proof” your arteries


Cardio clear 7


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Subject: The insanely simple heart saver

Subject: Just 20 seconds to protect your heart… 

Subject: This video will save your heart

Hey {!firstname_fix},

Have you read about this crazy health secret that keeps heart disease away... 

… even if your blood pressure is out of whack?

Simply follow this 20-second heart trick from this short video… 

… and you’ll never waste another day worrying about your heart.

You see… there’s so much bad information about heart health… 

And millions of lives could be saved if people were better informed… 

… about what really causes heart disease.

Don’t be misled by the mainstream media… 

That’s the mistake everyone else is making.

>> Click here to discover the world’s #1 cardiovascular discovery!